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The Cooler

MCX159-CU Specification from Manufacturer
Base dimensions1.59 x 1.59 x 0.5" - 40.4 x 40.4 x 12.7mm
Base materialCopper C110
Base flatnessbetter than .001" - 25µ
Base micro surface finish8 or better
Heat dissipation medium96 Helicoid pins (patented), made of high conductivity aluminum alloy 1100 (218 W/m-K)
Weight with fan8.4 oz - 238 g
Fan summary specs40x20mm fan 12V DC 3 wires (RPM output) - 8.9 CFM 26dBA
Performance 1.25°C/W

As you can see above the MCX159-CU is all copper with the exception of the fan. Without the fan you can see the tall copper pins that disperse the heat. Next to the quarter you can see how large the fan is.

Here you can get a nice bird's-eye view of the pins and their allocation on the copper base.

You might be thinking about why the base isn't polished or anything, the reason being that it is fine just how it is. The base is very finely finished, and I could not see any imperfections.

Here is the fan. It is a fat 40mm fan that only pushes 6.3cfm. But surprisingly, because of the heatsink's design the fan does its job and only produces around 26dBA. I personally could not hear the fan, and it didn't add any noticeable noise to my system. The downside to the fan is that it is only a 2-pinned wire connection, that means you can't monitor its RPM.
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