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Synology DS212j Review

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The small white packaging is sturdy enough to protect its contents till they reach the future buyer. On the front we find the name that Synology gave to all of their NAS servers: DiskStation, and on the bottom side several icons reside describing the most interesting features.

On one of the two sides we find a photo of the NAS along with a short description of its technical characteristics and features. Also a list of the package contents is given along with the languages that DSM supports. On the rear side there is an interesting illustration showing the connectivity of DS212j with other devices and the Internet.

Although the box is rather small and of low weight, it still features a carrying handle to help you move it around more easily.

Contents & Bundle

Once we opened the box we found two smaller compartments. The first stores the AC power cord and a smaller box with all accessories while in the other resides the NAS wrapped in a white plastic bag for more protection.

The bundle includes an AC power cord for the power brick, a network cable, two bags of screws, two leaflets and the installation disc.

The external power adapter is made by CWT so we expect it to be of high quality. It can deliver up to 5.4A at +12V (64.8W) meaning that it is pretty strong for the needs of the DS212j.
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