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The box is of medium size and features a light blue background. On the front we find the word "DiskStation" which represents the name that Synology gives to all their NAS servers along with several badges on the bottom, which describe some notable features of the DS412+.

On one of the two sides we find a photo of the NAS along with a brief characteristics description and a list of the box contents. Also the supported languages are listed here. On the other side there are many icons describing the most interesting features of the NAS.

Thankfully there is a carrying handle to help you move the box around.

Contents & Bundle

Once you open the top flap you will find a message from Synology which prompts you to read the quick installation guide, found in the installation disc, to set up the NAS correctly. Also the links to the Synology support and news are given.
Right under the small box that stores all accessories resides the NAS, which is wrapped in a white plastic bag. Unfortunately Synology didn't use any packing foam to provide protection even under extreme circumstances. The small carton box we mentioned above hides the installation disk, two network cables, the AC power adapter along with its power cord, two small bags with screws and a leaflet.

The compact dimensions didn't allow for an internal PSU so a power brick was used instead. This one can deliver around 100W (8.33A at +12V) so it is strong enough to cover the energy needs of the DS412+.
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