Tagan A+ Diablo Advance & BZ700 PSU 14

Tagan A+ Diablo Advance & BZ700 PSU Review

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Tagan packs the case in a full-color box. The front and back have identical images which feature pictures of the front, top and side of the A+ Diablo Advance. The sides feature a full listing of specifications for the case.


Within the large box the A+ Diablo Advance is secured with thick Styrofoam and is further protected by a large plastic bag. The bundle that comes with the case includes everything needed for setup including a black and white instruction manual, motherboard risers and screws, some plastic ties, a motherboard speaker and mounting hardware for the 5.25" and 3.5" bays. The manual is pretty straightforward and has the pictures and diagrams needed for a successful assembly.
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