Tagan SuperRock 680W TG680-U33II 5

Tagan SuperRock 680W TG680-U33II

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The outside of the PSU looks quite unspectacular, but the whole design looks very clean. Also I would like to note that the compact form factor of the power supply allows a use in space limited cases.

The black paint job is extremely resistant to fingerprints and also has a good amount of scratch resistance.

Tagan has chosen to go with a non-modular design which is reasonable for this power and price class.

To improve airflow the back comes with a hole stamped grill that lets a lot of air through. You can also find a status LED here that indicates whether the PSU is switched on and if the system is running.

The motherboard connector is implemented as a 20+4 solution. The extra four pins are attached using a clip-on system which is the best choice in my opinion because it is easy to attach to the main connector and stays that way so you won't have to press together the connector when installing it.

The same goes for the 12V CPU power connector. It can be clipped together for 8-pin motherboards.

The PCI-E connectors are also designed in a 6+2 fashion which gives you the most freedom when connecting your graphics card(s).
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