Team Group Diamond 4GB 2

Team Group Diamond 4GB

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A Closer Look

The Diamond is very small and just a few millimeters thick. It is encased completely in plastic with a metal piece wrapped around it. Team Group has placed a single crystal on the top and turning it over, you can see the bare plastic, which allows you to push the actual USB connector out.

Pushing the connector out until it snaps into place reveals the four leads of the USB I/O. Such a thin plug is essentially the same thing you will find in any other flash drive with such an interface, by simply deducting the metal part of the connector. This means that the Diamond should work well with any USB connector out there and unlike some other devices with the same approach the plastic casing is thick enough to fit tightly enough, allowing for good contact of the leads.

To give you a good idea about the actual size of the device, I have placed it unto a standard sized CD with a 120 mm diameter. Even when extended the unit is very compact, but also somewhat fragile. You could snap the unit in half with your bare hands - if you really wanted to.
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