Team Group Xtreem 2000 MHz CL7 6GB Kit 7

Team Group Xtreem 2000 MHz CL7 6GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

The memory is quite heavy and the heatspreader feel great. This makes for a very good first impression - I am eager to see how these perform.

Both sides are made of aluminum and have a different structure to them. These parts are not of identical shape either.

You will find the Team Group logo on one corner of the smaller part of the heat spreader, as well as a large X, which stands for Xtreem.

The sticker on these is by far the biggest one we have seen on any memory. Too bad, the kit looks so great and the sticker is really ugly - sorry Team Group. On the upside, the sticker holds all the necessary information to run the kit at the intended speed and settings.

As I mentioned before, the heatspreaders are not identical. One side is larger, while the smaller part is just screwed unto the upper edge. The first thing I noticed upon removal of this part of the spreader is the untouched thermal frag tape. This means that this side of the spreader does not make contact to any of the ICs on the PCB. That goes to show you, that kits these days definitely do not require such fancy spreaders to operate properly. Team Group has utilized Elpida MGH-E Hyper ICs on this kit.

Even though each individual memory module is rather thick, you should not have any troubles installing them right next to each other, even on boards with six DIMM slots.
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