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TekNmotion Pulsar SX Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

TekNmotion's Pulsar SX headset ships in a very colorful box with a lot of graphics. The headset is well protected inside and is packed to survive harsh handling. TekNmotion clearly targets a younger crowd seeking a reasonably priced, decent looking headset. The microphone is detachable which is a neat feature if you do not want to use the microphone that comes bundled with the headset.

I think the bundle that comes with the Pulsar SX is quite unusual. You will find a USB sound card on the cable, which has a bit of an odd implementation, because it is positioned between the headset and the mini-jack breakout and not after the breakout box. You can also hook up the headset the normal way via two mini-jacks, however, if you want the vibration feature to work it needs to be hooked up to either a USB port or the battery pack.

Closer Examination

Above you can see the headset in all its shiny glory. It is pretty good looking by normal standards for such a cheap headset. You can definitely debate whether the shiny plastic surface is a pro or a con, it does look good, but scratches will show up quicker than if it had been a semi textured surface. It is not the most durable headset around for the price of $59.99, but it does have a few extra tricks up its sleeves. One of them being the USB sound card, which can be very handy if you are a laptop user.

From the side you can clearly see the microphone on its long boom. The microphone boom is both long and flexible which means it is easy to reposition it to get the best possible sound quality. The Pulsar SX headset has a couple of LEDs in each cup which can light up when you have music playing or gaming. The feature is not very useful but is kind of cool if you are into flashing lights.

When it comes to comfort TekNmotion has done a pretty good job considering that this is a low budget headset. It is not one I would wear for a whole day in the sun, but it is definitely ok if you just use it for an hour or two at a time. The headband is also quite good, however, since it is made of some kind of imitated leather it has a tendency to become rather hot after an hour of use. The earcups are completely sealed off as well which means that there is a buildup of heat when you use them.

A foam sleeve is present on the microphone which should help to reduce wind noise and pops. The microphone is actually removable and is connected to the body of the headset via a mini-jack connector.

This headset is big enough to accommodate my big skull. Most people will be able to get a comfortable fit with the TekNmotion headset because the size adjusters have a relatively long span.

If you want to use the vibration feature without hooking up the headset to a USB power source you can just use the battery adapter. The battery adapter uses four AA batteries.

On the picture above you can see the small breakout box where one cable from the USB sound card / in-line controller goes in and a couple of mini-jacks and a USB cable go out.

The USB sound card or control box if you will, houses a lot of essential functions except microphone volume control. You do however, have a microphone on / off button which is a nice feature to have.
There is a small tab on the side that lets you choose between three modes of operation. One with everything turned off, another with everything on, and the third with lights on, but without the vibration. The feature I find to be of most use on the control box, besides the volume control, is the microphone mute button. It is an essential feature when you use voice activation on a VoIP program.

The driver used in the Pulsar SX is a pretty normal one and looks like any other of the generic kind.
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