Tesoro Gram Spectrum RGB Keyboard Review 7

Tesoro Gram Spectrum RGB Keyboard Review

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The packaging itself is also quite small relative to other full-size keyboards, with a black color scheme coupled with purple accents. The company and product name are on the front, along with an illustration of the keyboard and some salient marketing features, and this carries on at the back and sides with specs and marketing features also listed in multiple languages. A sticker on one side marks the exact configuration of the keyboard inside - key layout, key switch, and color. This just happens to be the US layout (ANSI + QWERTY) with the Agile Blue clicky switches (in this review sample) and black keycaps. The Agile switches come in Red linear as well, and I do not know of their plans for Agile Black or Brown switches at this point. Similarly, there is also a white version of the keyboard with white key caps to go along with it.

The contents inside are held in place by two seals over double flaps, which is nice to see, and once opened, you immediately see the keyboard wrapped in plastic. On either side is a section of thick, soft foam for protection. Underneath the keyboard is the product manual, which again supports multiple languages and does a decent job of showing the basic functions of the keyboard as-is without software control. In the compartment above lies the 1.8 meter long sleeved USB to mini USB cable, which is used to help power and use the keyboard. Detachable cables are always appreciated, and the stock cable is pretty good in quality to begin with.
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