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Thermalright HR-03 Plus Review

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Thermalright is known to produce some of the best performing cooling solutions on the market today. Their design is original and optimized for today’s demands. The cooler I will be taking a look at today is the latest revision of their HR-03 graphics card cooler namely the HR-03 Plus. The Plus appendix is because this cooler supports the NVIDIA GeForce 8800-series graphics card and is capable of dealing with their relatively high heat load. The cooler is made of nickel plated copper and is one of the biggest VGA card coolers on the market.

The HR-03 Plus comes without a 92 mm fan even though Thermalright recommends the use of one if you are going to use it on a 8800-series card. For this review I will be trying the cooler both with a 92 mm Nexus Real Silent fan and a medium performance Papst 120 mm fan even though it's tad too big for the cooler.

Let's see how this behemoth of a cooler performs!


  • A maximum of 6 heatpipes for maximum amount of heat transfer to work with any of 92mm or smaller fans for best configuration to suit your needs
  • Proprietary two-heatsinks-soldered-to-form-as-one design to maximize cooling capacity
  • 6 heatpipes soldered immensely close to heatsink fins to increase heat transfer efficiency
  • Two ways of mounting the cooler on video card for best space and configuration management in ATX and BTX form factor cases
  • Light weight and easy no-tool installation
  • SLI compatible for serious gaming enthusiasts
  • Cosmetically contoured design for that vanity look
  • Dimension: 133 x 156 x 38 mm (L x W x H) (heatsink only)
  • Weight: 410g (heatsink only)
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