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Thermaltake Armor A60

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The Armor A60 ships in the usual package we have come to expect from Thermaltake. In the front you will find a large image of the chassis itself, while the rear goes into some additional detail about all the features. The graphical layout is well thought out and should present a good read if someone is interested in the case. Both sides of the box on the other hand, lack any valuable information. One side simply holds one image, while the other lists the general specifications of the chassis.

As with the A90, the A60 is held in place by two Styrofoam spacers. The sample survived being shipped half way across the world, so you should not have to worry about damage when ordering the A60 from your favorite online shop. Thermaltake additionally protects the unit with a thin, clear plastic bag.


You won't find any unique extras in addition to the chassis. Thermaltake has only included the necessary screws, a speaker, mounting material for radiator installation and plastic rings to go with the two watercooling openings in the rear of the chassis. A simple, illustrated manual is also part of the contents.
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