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Thermaltake DH-101 HTPC Case Review

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Thermaltake ships the DH-101 in a full color cardboard box. It is very sturdy and you will find all the necessary information on either side of the package. As with most Thermaltake cases, there is a handle on top of the case, so you should be able to carry the enclosure home comfortably.

The case itself is held in place by foam spacers. These will survive a fall and return to their original shape, while Styrofoam will simply break. A sturdy cloth bag further protects the DH-101 from scratches.


As the display used is made by Soundgraph, the case holds all the accessories of the VFD. This includes the iMEDIAN remote and application CD. Besides that you will also receive all the nessecary screws and a black & white installation manual. The DH-101 features a so called "piano mirror coating" paint job, which tends to be a fingerprint magnet. Thermaltake also includes a cleaning cloth to clean such smudges off.
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