Thermaltake DH-202 5

Thermaltake DH-202

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The Package

Thermaltake packs the DH-202 in a full color cardboard box with the signature red strip and a white backdrop. Both larger sides have the identical image of the chassis itself, while one side holds some detailed information on the case and the display. On the other smaller side you will just find a text telling you to check out the Thermaltake website.

The case is held in place by foam spacers which have been lined with cardboard. A fairly thick cloth bag further protects the unit from any damage during shipping.


You get a well rounded package of accessories with the DH-202. It is identical to that of the DH-102 actually. A CD with the Soundgraph iMON and iMEDIAN HD software, a very detailed manual, the iMEDIAN remote and a bag of screws.
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