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Thermaltake Element V Review

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Thermaltake packs the Element V into a black cardboard box. You will find the name along with a sneak peak of a picture in the front, while the rear goes into much greater detail. This seems to be a classic case of "no information" on the front and "way too much" data on the rear of the package. The smaller sides of the carboard box hold the specifications on one and features on the other.

Thermaltake has opted for thick Styrofoam spacers, which are certainly needed, as the chassis is quite heavy. The case is also further protected with two bags, one made of plastic, while the inner one is of thin cloth. While I am at this stage: take a look at the ripped bags above. That is how the customs agent from FedEx inspects the package. Every other company has the decency to properly unpack an item for customs purposes, while FedEx seems to lack any respect for other peoples' property.


You will only find the basics required to install all the components within the Element V. Two bags filled to the rim with screws, two plastic rings to cover the sharp edges of the water cooling holes of the case, a speaker and five zip ties. It seems a bit meager for a chassis of this price class.
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