Thermaltake Embedded 7" Addon LCD 30

Thermaltake Embedded 7" Addon LCD Review

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A closer look

Let's start with the front. I hear you asking "where's the LCD?". The LCD is slid inside the case and will automatically come out driven by a motor when a button is pressed on the remote or the LCD.

On the backside you have the connectors. I find it very nice that you can optionally connect two additional RCA video sources to the unit. The channels can be switched on the front or using the remote.
"TV Ant" is just a hole without connector, this unit probably used to be some kind of car LCD.

Oh no! Not another remote control. Luckily it is infrared based so your universal remote can learn the commands. You are probably not going to need all the keys. On/off is important of course. Maybe channel switch and maybe the two buttons to change the angle of the LCD. All those functions can be controlled from the LCD front buttons as well.

Using these buttons you can control the LCD. The left three keys are for the OSD settings menu. The next two change the inclination angle of the LCD screen when slid out, and the third button puts the LCD in and out.

The whole LCD unit slides out driven by a motor. Since this looks really impressive I captured a short video of it (440 KB, WMV7 Codec):

Download Video

The lower portion of the unit houses a small clock. The two buttons on the left are for power and channel selection. The four way navigational pad is just to set the clock, no other functions. Unfortunately the clock is kind of useless since it loses time every time you turn off the computer. I wonder why Thermaltake didn't add some kind of small battery to keep the clock going while the computer is off.
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