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Thermaltake has chosen a black theme for the Frio's box. On the front of the box there is a picture of the cooler itself along with a very brief mention of its features. On the left side you'll find the specifications in detail. The back side has features explained in more detail thumbnails of what is included in the package. Detailed specifications along with motherboard compatibility can be seen on the right side. Upon opening the packaging you will find the installation instructions, warranty information, one 120 mm fan and a small box which holds the accessories and mounting hardware.


Thermaltake uses form-fitting foam padding to keep the Frio safe during shipping. One 120 mm fan comes installed on the unit but a second fan is also provided in the box as mentioned previously.

Thermaltake has bundled the Frio with mounting hardware to make use of the cooler on almost all modern sockets. The mounting setup for AMD works with both AM2 and AM3 sockets and includes a replacement back-plate, four mounting screws and two upper brackets. Mounting hardware for Intel sockets includes a sturdy back-plate which works with all Intel sockets along with upper brackets for 775, 1156, and 1366 hole spacings. Both the warranty paperwork and instruction sheet are in several different languages. The instructions are well detailed with the entire process depicted and well labeled.
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