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Thermaltake Golden Orb II Review

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From the manufacturer Thermaltake:
  • Radiate aluminum golden fin provide sufficient air flow.
  • Copper core touches the heat center directly and conducts heat quickly.
  • Silent Fan with blue LED, 17dBA only.
  • Universal design for Intel P4 LGA775 & AMD K8.
Heatsink Dimensions120 x 63 mm
Fan Dimensions100 x 24 mm
Heatsink MaterialCopper Core & Aluminum Extrusion (66Fin)
Fan Voltage12V, 5V startup
Power Input1.56W, 3 Pin connector
Fan Speed1600 RPM +- 10%
Air FlowMax. 35.43 cfm, max. 1.5 mm H2O
Noise17 dbA
Life time30,000 hours (= ~ 3.5 years)


Box contents:
  • CPU Cooler
  • Bag with mounting parts for Socket LGA775
  • Bag with mounting parts for Socket 939
  • Backside mounting plate for Socket 939
  • Thermal grease
  • Instruction manual

The contact area of the heatsink base is very flat, but has some minor scratches, those should not affect cooling performance.

Two blue LEDs light up the fan when it is running.


Installation is extremely easy and can be done in a few minutes. The easy understandable english manual covers installation for Socket 775 and two installation methods for Socket 939. On the Thermaltake Website you can also find a nice Flash animation which shows the installation process.

During installation on the DFI Lanparty NF4, I noticed that the cooler is so big, that access to one memory slot will become a problem.

With the cooler installed, it is no longer possible to add or remove memory in slot 4. Most people use slots 1 and 2 anyways, so if you really have to use slot 4, install the memory before putting on the cooler. tried fitting a few memory modules, and even with a heatspreader, there should be enough space left to install the cooler.

The Golden Orb II does not fit on the ABIT AA8XE. Most people who know that board would guess that the MOSFET OTES area is the problem here. When installed, the cooler's mounting clip makes contact with the OTES' plastic, but it fits. The real problem is caused by the chipset cooler, if you look at the following picture, you see that the cooler makes contact with the chipset cooler, but there is still about one cm left for the second mounting screw to align.

Update: Thermaltake tech support tells us that you have to rotate the chipset cooler by 180° and then install the CPU Cooler rotated by 180° as well. It will fit now.

Height limit for a northbridge cooler, if it has to fit under the cooler, is 4 cm. It is recommended to check if the cooler fits your board before buying.

In order to make sure that mounting pressure on the CPU is not exceeded, Thermaltake has added limiters to the screws. You just screw it down till it stops, the springs help distribute the load on the CPU evenly.
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