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Thermaltake Luxa2 LM200 Review

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Thermaltake has kept the packaging of all their Luxa2 products very simple. Both larger sides are identical, with an image of the case itself. On the side you will find a notice to check out the Luxa2 website for more details. While the lack of information on the box may be a disadvantage for a mainstream chassis, those going for a high-end HTPC case will most likely know exactly what they are getting.

The LM200 ships with excellent, thick foam protection all around. You could probably play soccer with the chassis within the package - without damaging it. Not that I suggest you do or even try it and we are not liable if you choose to do so!


As this is a HTPC enclosure you get all the necessary accessories. A CD with the Soundgraph application and drivers, an excellent & detailed manual, the standard Soundgraph remote along with batteries and seperate bags of screws.
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