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Thermaltake Matrix VX Review

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A Closer Look

It is time to take a look inside the case and see what features it has to offer. Before installing any hardware, I went over the entire case with my fingers looking for any sharp edges. After doing so, I was unable to find any sharp edges, which is a good sign of a quality build.

Thermaltake provides a screwless slot attachment which is very useful for a smaller graphic cards that have light weight cooling solutions. For Graphic cards such as X1800 or X1900 or if you are using an after market cooling solution it is safer to use screws, especially if you buy the case for LAN purposes and you have to move case around a lot. On the second picture you can see the slot covers which are very easy to remove and install, so if you don't need an extra PCI card in future you can always cover the slot so extra dust doesn't get inside.

The backside of the case is known TT style. Wide and open holes for hot air to exhaust. Considering the fan noise, wider holes for exhausting air keeps the fan noise lower.

Four fast assembling clips for CD/DVD-Drives and three for harddrives. Other accessories (screws) can be found inside the white box shown on the picture. For both devices, CD-drives and harddrives the assembling clips are fully plastic which reduces resonance noises.

The cables for HDD-LED, Power-LED, Power button, Reset button and for the front I/O -panel are long enough which makes installation easy.
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