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Thermaltake Max 4 Active Cooling Enclosure Review

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Packaging & Contents

The Thermaltake Max 4 enclosure comes in a sturdy cardboard box with color images, detailed specifications and features on the sides.

Upon opening the box, the contents are seen to be neatly organized, with the assembly manual and installation CD on top.

Under the enclosure inside the box are the necessary cables to make the Max 4 work. There is one USB 2.0 cable, one eSATA cable and an optional PCI bracket that can relocate a normal SATA port to an eSATA port. To supply power to the unit there is a standard power brick and power cable.

Also included is a black plastic stand to hold the Max 4 upright. There are two rubber pads on the base to keep the enclosure from sliding around.

A Closer Look

The Thermaltake Max 4 case is wrapped in bubble-wrap to protect it during shipping. The unit has a silver metallic finish that is resistant to fingerprints, and there are contrasting black Thermaltake logos and labels on the sides.

The front has a black plastic mesh to allow airflow through the case, and there is a small, thin piece of clear plastic where the LED for power and activity will shine through. The left side of the case has a round black mesh opening for the 80mm blue LED fan which will provide the active cooling for the unit. The rear of the enclosure has all the connections for the cables as well as the power switch.

Removing the four screws from the solid right side panel exposes the internals of the Max 4. The 80mm x 15mm fan is centrally located to provide optimal cooling for the drive installed inside. The rear of the case has a small printed circuit board for the connections and the translation from SATA to USB. At the front of the case is the mesh opening and the single LED that provides both the power light and the HDD activity.
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