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The installation of the Thermaltake Mini Typhoon is very easy. I would advise to remove the motherboard for easier Socket939 installation because the cooler and the mounting clip are two different parts.

Basically all you have to do is put the heatsink on the CPU and hook the mounting clip into one side of the socket. Next you hook in the other side of the mounting clip and move the lever.

I found the lever a bit hard to move since it touches the copper fins of the heatsink a little bit. When installing the cooler you just pull the lever backwards a little and you can move it without touching the heatsink. Either way how you do it, this will not cause any further problems with the installation or the performance of the cooler.

As you can see here the metal clip has no way to properly seat it, so it can freely move along the base and you may end up with a cooler which is off-center.

Another possibility is that you may end up with a slightly rotated cooler. Having most mounting pressure only in the center lets you rotate it when you apply some force.

The design of the heatpipes allows memory access with the cooler installed. No space problems here at all.

LGA 775 Installation

For Socket LGA775 you have to use this Z bracket.

Sliding it in under the cooler is a bit tricky....

until you figure out that you have to put the mounting hole attachments into a certain position. Then the Z bracket slides in very easily.
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