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Packaging & Contents

The Thermaltake Mozart IP comes in a colorful box, with a glossy finish and a nice picture of the case on the front and back. One side has some information about the iPod connectivity, the included remote and the Media Lab display, while the other has only the model number and the company's website address in multiple languages.

When removed from the box, the case will be wrapped in a cheese-cloth like material, which is soft enough to help protect the finish. Taped to the top of the cloth is a bag with the manual and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Inside the manual I found a seperate sheet with information about Thermaltake's "Key 3 Spirit" program, which focuses on Quality, Performance and Reliability. This sheet also included a "Key 3 Spirit" sticker to place at the user's discretion.

There were two small cardboard boxes found inside the Mozart IP. One box contained a remote, two AAA batteries, a power adapter cable, manual and CD for the Media Lab display. The other box contained the bag of screws and other hardware, a security loop, a short audio cable, a rubber spacer, a remote and a small audio switching card that did not have a motherboard connector on it. (Most of these last accessories were for the iPod functions of the Mozart IP, and will be discussed later in this article). Also included was an adapter to convert a USB Male plug into a USB motherboard connector.
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