Thermaltake Mozart TX 10

Thermaltake Mozart TX Review

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The Case

When you first look at the case you see that it is very different from most "normal" computer cases. It is a lot taller, which means it offers tons of extra storage for your drives and other components. I see great potential in this case to be modded to water cooling or phase change. The case is also extra wide. That's why Thermaltake lets you install a second Mini-ITX system into the right side of the case. Overall you should have plenty of space.

On the back the super size me idea has been implemented as well. There are mounting posts for up to five fans. Three fans come included with the case and should be sufficient for most applications.

The top of the case is quite sturdy. Given the huge footprint of the case this might be a possible place to put a monitor.

Thermal Zones

The Mozart TX is compatible to both ATX and BTX. In BTX you have several thermal zones which keep the temperature levels separated.
With this case you have:
  • Zone 1: Harddisks / Floppy
  • Zone 2: Drives
  • Zone 3: Motherboard / VGA
  • Zone 4: Mini-ITX / PSU
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