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The chassis makes a great impression right out of the box. As part of the new line-up from Thermaltake the Overseer utilizes a similar, elaborate design as the Chaser. Another telltale are the blue highlights in the front of the case, which really fit well and add some pep and depth to the entire chassis.

The entire front and top of the case is covered by plastic panels with metal mesh elements. While the quality of the plastic is not quite as good as the one used in the Chaser, it still is quite adequate - especially since the metal mesh parts are quite sturdy. In the rear you will find an all black paint job, along with a bottom mounted PSU bay. Interestingly enough, Thermaltake has kept all parts of this area solid, with no general air vents here.

Both sides of the chassis are extruded and further add to the overall design of the case. While the solid panel is a bit simple, the main one is quite elaborate due to the interestingly shaped window. With such a small opening, you will not see any of the components below the CPU and memory area. Instead, Thermaltake has placed a vent with dust filter here, on which you may install a 200 mm fan. The window itself is not simply flat but has been shaped to fit well into the looks of the chassis - a cool little touch.

Taking a closer look at the front, the bottom half consists of a nicely formed metal mesh, which allows for fresh air to enter the chassis. A Thermaltake logo has been attached to this component, with three 5.25 inch bays taking the space in the upper area. You may wonder why I mention just three instead of four such bays, but the bottom one is actually part of the front cover itself and may be utilized as a 3.5" slot by removing the metal mesh cover. Due to this, that cover is not shaped exactly as the rest of them.

In the rear, the afore mentioned, bottom PSU bay is multi-directional. This means, that you may install the power supply with the fan facing up- or downward within the chassis. Above that are the eight motherboard expansion slots, with individual covers and two openings for water cooling tubes. In the very top a 120 mm fan pushes hot air out the back of the chassis.

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