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Thermaltake Aqua RX R-1 Review

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First, I would like to thank Thermaltake for providing the test sample.

Part Number CL-W0102
Compatibility DDR, SDRAM
Material Aluminium heatsink, copper tube
Dimensions125 mm(L) X 40 mm(W) X 8.2mm(T)
Quick install connectorFor 6.4mm ID (1/4”) tubing For 9.5mm ID (3/8”) tubing
Thermal Pad 2pcs, 124 mm(L) X 22.5 mm(W) X 0.5mm(T) 124 mm(L) X 22.5 mm(W) X 1.0mm(T)
Weight 204(g)


The block is compatible with all types of DDR, SDRAM memory. Mounting and space should not be an issue on any motherboard


The Aqua RX R1 comes packaged in a see-through blister pack. Fortunately, it is not melted together at the edges, and therefore can be opened and closed quite easily. You can see the block as well as the box containing all accessories.

Inside the red box, you will find:
  • Barbs (both 3/8” and ¼”) and tubing
  • Mounting kit (L shaped hex wrench)
  • Thermal pads/paste
  • Instructions
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