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Thermaltake Aqua RX R-1 Review

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The waterblock

The RX-1 consists of two parts: the passive, and the copper tube. The passive is very nicely made, with no sharp edges. It is finned to further enhance its cooling capability. The inside is flat, but not polished.

The copper tube has a small ID, and a tight, U shaped bend.


For test purposes, I decided to rip off the stock heat spreaders from my Mushkin Redline XP4000 memory module, and replace them with the RX-1.

My first step was to install the tubing. I used the 3/8” barbs, and as they come with o-rings, no Teflon tape was necessary.
With the memory “naked”, I unscrewed the 4 screws that hold the block together, and then I stuck down a pair of thermal pads. I test-fitted the pads first, to make sure that I had good contact, then I removed protective plastic and stuck them to the heatsink.

Next, I applied a little bit of Arctic Silver Ceramique into the gap where the pipe fits. I placed the pipe into the gap, twisted it around a bit (to spread out the paste).

After that, I installed the memory module, screwed the block back together and hooked up the water-cooling tubes.
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