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Thermaltake SMART 730 W Review

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The packaging that houses the PSU is quite small since the unit's dimensions are compact. On the front we find the series description along with a number indicating the capacity of the PSU. There is also the phrase "Built to work" which shows Thermaltake's intentions for the members of this series: they simply made them to get the job done without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Next to the aforementioned phrase there are three badges for efficiency certification, three year warranty and ErP Lot 6 2010 compliance. Surely the most interesting information on the packaging is located on its rear side. There we meet some photos of the internals with a brief description for each one, the power specifications table, a description of the available cables/connectors and two graphs illustrating the efficiency of the unit and the fan speed/noise level curve.


There is no packing foam or any other similar protection material inside the box and just bubble wrap protects the PSU, which we think is not sufficient especially if the packaging takes a tough ride till it reaches the future buyer. The bundle is really poor and it includes an AC power cords a set of fixing bolts, a user's manual and a manual about the warranty policy.


The external look of the PSU is not that great and definitely the unsleeved cables play a big part in this. In general the external appearance reminds of even lower cost units and the finish along with the paint job are of average quality. On one of the side panels we find a not so fancy decal while the other side features only an embossed Thermaltake logo. On the front there is the classic honeycomb exhaust grill and an On/Off switch which, thankfully, wasn't sacrificed in order to cut some more bucks from the total cost.
In the rear we find an ugly mess of unsleeved wires with only the 24 pin ATX wire being sleeved back into the housing. Also around the cable exit hole there is a grommet to protect the unsleeved wires. The octagon-shaped fan grill does not have a badge in its center and this is not so flattering for its appearance. Finally the power specifications label can be found on the bottom side of the PSU. All in all this PSU isn't exactly what we call eye candy but on the other hand we shouldn't forget that a PSU's role is not to look cool, but to feed the system with clean DC voltages and to be reliable.
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