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Thermaltake Silent Water II Review

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Everything you need to get water cooling on your CPU comes in the ThermalTake Silent Water II kit. There is nothing else separate required (besides your computer of course) to get this kit up and running.

There are mounts for every kind of application, whether it's Intel Socket 775, S478, AMD S939/754 and even AM2.
  • Metal H-Type Clip
  • Insulator pad
  • Cushion pad
  • Aluminum pad
  • 10mm Screws
  • 50mm Screws
  • 38mm Screws
  • 5/10mm Screws for Radiator
  • Stand offs
  • Red Washers
  • White Washers
  • Thumb nuts
  • Thermal Compound

Also included is wiring for the unit, and a speed fan controller to help keep noise down when the extra cooling of the fan is not needed.
  • 3 to 4 pin Adapter
  • Velcro mounting pads
  • Fan Speed Controller

The Cooler

The Thermaltake Silent Water II is geared more towards the novice/budget users who wants to get into water cooling. It can be quite expensive and a tricky task when building a water system. With the Silent Water II, you're getting a pre-built system, and it's just a matter of installing it to reap the benefits of a water cooled computer...

The unit is an all-in-one solution, meaning everything is built together. The pump, reservoir, radiator are all mounted together. This reduces the need for routing pipes and mounting multiple parts in the system. When Thermaltake designed this unit, they took the aspect of making it simple very well.

A closer look shows the parts that make up the cooler. The reservoir is made from Brass and is located just above the pump in front of the radiator. Though the reservoir is small, a larger one is not need. The unit uses 5mm inner diameter (ID) tubing, which doesn't hold a great deal of water.

The pump is rated for 72 liters per hour (about 19gph) which is not very high at all. Some water systems operate at 330gph! However, you have to remember, this is only cooling a single block with 5mm ID tubing. A great deal of flow/pressure is not required. This is one thing that prevents you from adding a GPU water block or chipset block.

The radiator is what impressed us the most with this cooler. It is made up of Louvered fins and flat piping to give maximum performance. Being 120mm allows for larger quieter fans, and improved thermal dissipation. Another feature of this radiator is the "Dimple Tube Technology". Simply put, it's little dimples inside the radiator's piping to create swirls with the coolant, and cover more surface area for better performance.

The water block is made from Copper like most water blocks. It comes with protective film over it to prevent scratches. When the protective film was removed, the block was a little dirty, but some Isopropyl Alcohol cleaned it up nicely. On the particular block we received, there was a small dent. This would make a very little difference however, as it's so minute and constrained to one part of the block. The block is polished and is close to a mirror finish, but not quite.
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