Thermaltake Smart M Series 750 W 3

Thermaltake Smart M Series 750 W

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Right on the face of the box Thermaltake states that these units are built to work, meaning that they provide only the essentials in an effort to cut cost. However as we've already seen on the previous page the SP-750M has all features of a modern PSU including a modular cabling system and certainly its price isn't that low. On the front right side we meet the 80 PLUS Bronze badge along with the one that describes the three year warranty. Also the modular cabling design along with the ErP Lot 6 compliance are highlighted.

In the side of the box a brief features description is given in many languages.

On the rear side of the box the interested user can find some nice photos of the unit's internals. If you know a thing or two about PSUs it is highly interesting to have the chance to take a peek at the internals. In this side also the power specifications table along with the available connectors description are given. Moreover there are two graphs showing the efficiency curve and fan speed along with the corresponding noise level.


The unit is protected only by a bubble wrap inside the box. A piece of packing foam would be a nice addition here, that's for sure. The bundle includes the necessary modular cables along with a storing pouch, several zip ties, a set of fixing bolts and an AC power cord.


The unit's external quality is good and worthy of its price tag. The side decal is interesting although not so nice (at least for our taste) and the fan grill utilizes honeycomb style holes. The badge in the center of the fan grill looks nice and on the opposite side we find the specifications label. On the rear side resides the modular panel which has six real modular sockets and four virtual ones (drawn on the casing). The native cables are restricted to two only and both are fully sleeved back into the housing. Finally around the cable exit hole a grommet is installed.
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