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First of all I'd like to thank Thermaltake for once again sending me a nice package. In addition, I'd like to thank Basement for helping me out with some photos while my camera was being a *censored*.

This time I got the opportunity to review the Thermaltake Symphony Mini. The Symphony mini is a DIY water cooling set which should be extremely easy to install and use. Having no real experience with water cooling myself I should be able to find out if the average user would like it.

Shamelessly ripped from Thermaltakes site. The features:
  • Massive aluminum radiator
  • 5 in 1 all copper CPU waterblock
  • Dual pump with 90L /hr flow rate
  • Three 1400 RPM Ultra-Quiet 120mm fans(16dB)
  • Automatic non-spill valves
  • Easy installation


Dimensions250 mm (W) x 250 mm (D) x 800mm(H)
Weight9 Kg
MaterialAll aluminum, copper for the heatsink
Maximum Capacity400 L/ hr
Maintenance free for liquid refilling10,000 hours
Cooling systemThree 1400 RPM ultra-quiet 120 mm fans(16dB)
CPU supportIntel P4 Socket 775, P4 Socket 478, AMD K8, AMD K7
Even though it's not listed, it fits Socket 604 as well
All aluminum radiator120 mm (W) x 33mm(D) x 360 mm (H)
Quick disconnect couplingAutomatic non-spill valves、robust material、one-hand operation
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