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The box is big. The box is very big. This is good, it makes the Thermaltake mini (it's called mini because there is a bigger version too, not because it's small) look mini compared to the box. Once you put something else next to it it is still huge. Once done being staggered by its size you could open the box, I did. Inside the box we find the Thermaltake Symphony Mini packed in quite some styrofoam, it will arrive in one piece. The lower blocks of styrofoam are actually two blocks taped together, when you cut away the tape you will find some handy items.

Box contents:
  • A very basic looking copper waterblock with two tubes attached to it
  • A bracket to put in a PCI slot via which the tubes can go out.
  • Coolant
  • Brackets to hold the waterblock in its place, different ones for different sockets.
  • A powercable for the Symphony Mini
  • Some clamps to modify the tubes
  • Manual
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