Thermaltake TMG AT2 9

Thermaltake TMG AT2

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A closer look

When you look at the cooler the first you notice is the odd form factor. The cooler is not very long, but makes this up in height.

Near the back you can see a large number of fins providing cooling.

Air is sucked in here and goes out via the fan. I was hoping for the reserved airflow, because this would cool the voltage regulators of the card as well.

Here you can see the three copper heatpipes, which transport the heat away from the GPU core.

Just like the stock cooler, the total height of the TMG AT2 is exactly two slots.

Taking it apart

After removing a couple of screws you can take the cooler apart. The fan is part of a plastic assembly sitting on top of the heatsink.

Only the part that makes contact with the core is made from copper for optimum heat conductivity. Once the heat is further away, it is transferred into aluminum fins. This makes sure that the cooler is affordable, while still maintaining cooling performance.

Here you can see the sheer number of fins Thermaltake uses to get rid of the heat, very nice.

The cooling fan is made by Everflow for Thermaltake.
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