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Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200 W Review

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On the front there is a photo of the PSU with the flower shape fan stealing the impression. On the bottom there is a golden strip showing the maximum capacity of the unit along with several badges which describe crucial characteristics (at least the half of them) like the 80 Plus Gold certification, the seven year warranty etc. On the other sides one can find much more details about the internal design and the characteristics of the PSU. You will also find some photos of the internals on the rear side of the package.


The unit is protected by two thick layers of packaging foam and a cloth bag. There is also a smaller cloth bag which holds some of the accessories. The rich bundle includes a user's manual, a piece of paper describing the warranty policy, several Velcro ties, a pouch which stores all modular cables, a set of fixing bolts, a Thermaltake aluminium badge, two vibration absorbing gaskets, four cable clamps and finally the essential AC power cord.


The PSU features a very slick design and has an exceptional matte finish. The flower-shape fan shows through the ventilation grill isand eye catchy. A red stripe that goes all around the unit adds to the great visual impression. The hardwired cables are nicely sleeved and the same applies to the modular ones too. On the front there is a small On/Off switch with an LED on it and right next to the switch we find a shiny label with the "Thermaltake" name on it. On the rear the PCIe modular sockets are painted in red and there is a plastic grommet around the cable exit hole. Overall the unit's external quality is top notch and the product itself looks great.
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