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Looks like this guy took a beating. The box looks like it was kicked, dropped, slammed, rolled, and tossed. This doesn't mean that Thermaltake is in anyway to blame, in fact as you see further down once we take the case out of the box that Thermaltake does a pretty good job of packing these cases. The box provides a large canvas for Thermaltake to display images and is even done like the case in a Tai-Chi theme.

As you can see prior to taking out the case it sets snug in its Styrofoam molded shipping pads. This is what gives the box its larger size. The thickness of the Styrofoam is 5 3/4" (12.7 cm) on each corner. This really helps absorb the shock of the tussling around. In the red square on the bottom right corner you can see the Styrofoam has been compressed from the rough trip. The case is wrapped in a soft cloth like bag. It's not made of cloth per say but is not air tight either.

Internally we can see we did suffer one casualty in the red square as the bracket for the reservoir is bent on a slight angle. This is nothing a really big hammer would not fix. You can also see the two boxes which contains the hardware, one is tied down in the power supply spot and the other is tied down to the mesh on the bottom of the case.

After removing the case from the box we can see that Thermaltake tapes up the front doors with masking tape and a couple pieces down across the face plates to help keep them in place. Overall considering Thermaltake did an excellent job in packaging the Tai-Chi given the abuse it took on its journey.
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