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For watercooling, this installation is extremely easy. First time installers should bring about 20 minutes of their time. If you read and follow the manual, there is nothing you could do wrong.

Make sure you really tighten down the screws (pic 2-5) which go through the video card. If they are not tight, you may have difficulties in the last steps, when screwing down the waterblock on the core because the nut it screws into is turning.

One big advantage over regular watercooling is that the Thermaltake Tide Water is highly portable. Yesterday someone complained to me how much work it would be to move his watercooled graphics card to another PC. With the Thermaltake Tide Water you just remove the card and the cooling assembly. The waterblock can stay in place and you won't have to refill the system.

A small issue I spotted with the screws is that one nut did not have a threading. However, these were for the "screws for small mounting holes", I used the bigger screws anyway.
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