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Thermaltake V3 Black Review

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The Package

Thermaltake packs the V3 in a simple cardboard box with a black backdrop, along with the signature red stripe across the top. You will find a teaser image of the actual chassis on the front, while the rear goes into additional detail about some of its features. On one side you have images of both versions available - one with no window and the one with a small one on the side. Turning the box over, we find the following text:

"This is a computer Chassis (Case), please refer to our official website for detail product information".

So it seems instead of giving the reader a detailed list of specifications, you have to look up the Thermaltake website. We did, and were not able to find the V3 black without the side window (VL80001N2Z) anywhere. Searching for the one with a window (VL80001W2Z) worked fine and we were shown the chassis on their site. As there is no mention of one without a side window, we assume that such a version never made it to retail.

The V3 Black is secured with fairly thin Styrofoam spacers and a thin plastic bag. Considering the weight and price of the chassis, that is sufficient. Needless to say, our chassis has had quite the journey and made it here safe and sound.


Do not expect to get more besides the bare necessities included with the V3 Black. Considering the extremely low price tag, you will only receive a bag of screws, a speaker for the mainboard and a fairly detailed manual to help you get started.
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