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Thermaltake W2 GPU waterblock Review

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I would like to thank Thermaltake for providing the test sample.

Part Number CL-W0088
Material All copper designed
Dimensions61mm(L) X 40mm(W) X 11mm(H)
Quick install connectorFor 6.4mm ID (1/4”) tubing For 9.5mm ID (3/8”) tubing
Weight 150(g)


There is no word about compatibility on the Thermaltake website.


The Aqua Brazing All Copper series W2 waterblock comes in a small cardboard box with Thermaltake graphics on the front and specifications on the back:

After opening the package, all you see at first is the block itself. By opening the compartment to the right, the rest of the contents is revealed:
  • Aqua Brazing All Copper series W2 waterblock
  • Barbs (both 3/8” and ¼”) and tubing
  • Mounting kit
  • Thermal paste
  • Instructions
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