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Thermaltake XTunner Review

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Remote Control

The remote control is only 8 mm high and the size of a credit card, a bit big in my opinion. Its keychain goes together with a hook on the front panel device. I like the idea because this way the remote control has a place to go when not used and won't end up missing.
You could also use the hole in the remote to put it on your keychain - I would feel a bit weird if I ran around with it everywhere.

The IR signals of the remote control are compatible to most universal remotes, so you can learn the two buttons and get away with using your favorite remote instead of having a pile of five.

The used battery is a very common CR2025 3V battery - replacements are easy to get.

Front Panel Device

The color scheme of the brushed aluminium fan controller with black looks good in both aluminium and black cases.

The six LEDs on the left show the current fan speed, next is the IR receiver. Further to the right you see the keychain hook and another LED which indicates that the unit is running. When it receives an IR command the LED turns off for a moment confirming reception.

The six mounting holes on each side help a lot when mounting the unit, even in the most funky cases.

On the PCB you can see the four fan output connectors and the plug for the power connector. Also visible in the middle is the microcontroller that decodes the IR signals and controls the fans and LEDs.
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