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After powered on the fan output will always be set to maximum.

All fan outputs of the XTunner are controlled by Pulse-Width-Modulation. It is not possible to change them individually.

There are 7 speed settings:

This is the slowest mode. The fan is run at 40% of maximum speed. The first LED is blinking.

The second speed setting turns the first LED on and runs the fan at 50%

When the second blue LED is on, the fan is running at 60%

The first green LED shows you that the output is running at 70%.

Another LED - another 10%, makes the output go to 80%.

Almost at full speed - running at 90%, the 5th LED lights.

On the maximum setting all LEDs are lit and the fan is run at 100%.

According to Thermaltake the unit is rated at 1A per channel, thats 12 Watts - we tested it:

All those fans are connected to one channel - the meter shows 1 Amp. We kept adding fans and at around 1.4 Amps the output power transistor got mighty hot. I would say 1.2 Amps (= 14.4 W) are a good permanent maximum per channel.

Thermaltake claims the range of the remote control is 12m. We verified this and found that with a clear line of sight we could control the fans from a distance of more than 15m.
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