Tranquil PC D33217GKE NUC Case Review 0

Tranquil PC D33217GKE NUC Case Review

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Introduction & Packaging

I would like to thank Tranquil PC for supplying the review sample.

There is not much to say about a NUC chassis. Considering its very specific shape and the dimension of the boards, which Intel offers directly, any case manufacturer is able to produce a passive chassis for specific NUC board versions. We have the pleasure of taking a look at the "NUC - YE (GBE LAN board D33217GKE)" variant. It will be compared to the Intel retail chassis with active cooling and the Akasa NUC case variant.


Tranquil PC is known for producing excellent enclosures, not for designing fancy packaging, or a fancy website for that matter, which is quite alright as what counts at the end of the day is not how pretty the box looks. The Tranquil PC NUC Case then ships in a plain white package. Two small foam bits hold the unit in place and protect it during shipping. We actually received the entire package inside a brown cardboard box, so you should as well; that is, if you decide to order one from Tranquill.

The enclosure itself is shrink wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. Stickers on the unit warn users not to use sharp objects to get past the wrapping—with a little "thank you" at the end. Another sticker points out that the few pieces one needs to put a NUC board inside the chassis have been placed within the case.


You will find a rolled up bag full of content within the chassis. It consists of the power/LED lead, a small tube of thermal paste, and all-black screws for mounting the motherboard within the Tranquil PC NUC chassis.
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