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Transcend StoreJet 25A3 Review

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Packaging & Contents

Transcend packs the StoreJet 25A3 into a cardboard box with a big window at the front, which allows you to look at the entire unit without having to rip the package open—perfect for brick and mortar stores. The backside goes into great detail about the device's features and software capabilities.

You will only receive the basics with the StoreJet: a manual and solid USB 3.0 cable. I would have loved to see a pouch, but the included bits should suffice for most users.

A Closer Look

As the drive has a smooth, shiny finish to it, Transcend protects the top with a layer of plastic which you will have to peel off. Overall, the casing is quite compact and feels sturdy enough to survive a fall from the desk without breaking into a million pieces.

The textured top half of the enclosure has Transcend's logo on the bottom. A blue activity LED we will see later on has been hidden away underneath of this element. The underside is quite simple and has a rough feel to it, which is good because it creates grip, reducing the chances of a user dropping it. A label on this side also holds all the usual information, including device name and serial number.

The only connector you will find on the StoreJet 25A3 is USB 3.0. Next to it is a power button which is used to activate the back-up function of the device, though you need to have the software for it installed on the host system for this function to work.
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