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Travagan's Green is a relatively new desktop headphone and speaker amplifier. The Green is geared towards use with a PC and features only a USB input on the back of it. It has an internal DAC and a class A/B amplifier all stuffed together in one small and attractive looking box. What makes the Green special is that it is designed both to drive demanding headphones and small desktop speakers. Travagan's shop also sells these so called mini speakers. Currently there are two versions of the mini speakers. One with a 2" driver and one with a 3" driver, all are available in a large variety of different colors and you can even get the 3" with some radical paint jobs. Along with the Travagan's Green I will also be testing the 2" version of the mini speakers which is aimed a desktop use.

The Green amplifier and DAC has a little brother called the Red which has the same amplifier circuitry, but features analog input instead of an integrated DAC. The Red is a cheaper version, but it requires you to feed it with an analog signal from a source of some kind, like your sound card. The Green is in that respect an all-in-one unit which is more practical and better equipped for use with a PC. It uses socketed op amps so you can buy a third party op amps and install it hassle free.


Travagan's Green
  • PCM2704 16-Bit DAC,32、44.1、48KHz sampling
  • S/PDIF Digital output (USB to S/PDIF)
  • DSIX Re-data Coaxial & Optical output
  • LM4562 for main speaker amplifier,current boosters made by NPN/PNP power transistors
  • Class AB / DC amplifier;coupling capacitor less
  • Extra low output resistance ( Zo < 0.05 ohms),high current capacity ( 1A per channel)
  • 2Hz~120Khz ,-1dB (at 8 ohms/2W loading),very low noise!
  • Max. output 5Vrms ( 5W for 4 ohms speaker)
  • OP amplifiers exchangeable! You can tune the tone by yourself!
  • Headphone amplifier output 80mW per channel
  • Power by 24VDC adapter or 5VDC USB line (DAC & Headphone only)
  • “Anti-dummy” power supply protection
  • Size: 110mm (L) X 76mm(W) X 57mm(H)
  • Weight: 450g
The specifications list is quite long. What is noteworthy is the Burr Brown PCM2704 which is used in many DIY USB DACs currently available. The Green comes with a normal brick type PSU, but the DAC and headphone amp can actually be run just by plugging in a USB cable. So it is possible to use it as a transportable DAC with your laptop. That said sound quality is affected in a negative way when it is powered over USB.

Travagan's Mini speaker 2"
  • Driver: 2” Full Range shielded driver
  • Cabinet: 10mm MDF,high gloss paint
  • SPL: 86dB@ 1M/1W
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency: Response 180Hz~20KHz ;-3dB
  • Power: Handing Normal 10W, Maximum 15W
  • Weight: 0.6Kg/ps
  • Dimensions: 10cm X 8cm X 13cm (H X W X D)
The frequency response is not impressive leaving out all the bass tones, however, the frequency response should be relatively flat with the deviation of only 3 dB across frequencies from 180 Hz to 20 KHz. The speakers are really efficient with a SPL rating of 86dB @ 1M/1W.
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