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Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

Tt eSPORTS ships this extravagant mouse in a big black box filled to the rim with goodies.

The bundle features everything from a carrying bag to a wrench for adjustments.

The adjuster is really just a small Allen key that lets you adjust the palm plate's height and angle.

Closer Examination

Outlandish is probably the best way to describe the style of this mouse from Tt eSPORTS. The Level 10 M has a huge aluminum plate as a base, which gives the mouse its very high weight of 185 g (more than most wireless mice). Thankfully, only the base plate is made of aluminum—keeping the center of gravity just above the mat, which is good.

The Level 10 M's main party trick is of course the adjustable palm plate that allows you to adjust both the height and the sideways tilt. Adjusting the height of the palm plate will also alter the rake of the plate because it is hinged right underneath the main buttons. This is both a pro and a con. It does, and this is a positive, change the feel of the mouse quite a bit, although the plate can only be adjusted by up to 5 mm, but, and this is a negative, you might not like a rake.

The scroll wheel works well, and no extra buttons clutter up the space north and south of it.

The USB plug is a bit flashy but of a very good quality.

The solid aluminum base plate is definitely something you do not see every day on a gaming mouse. The sensor is placed right in the middle, which gives the mouse neutral handling.

The side buttons are, to say the least, a bit annoying. Their positioning on this highly unconventionally shaped mouse could be better. Picking the mouse up and setting it down on the center of one's pad is almost impossible without at least touching a button. The fact that the mouse weighs a lot only makes the problem worse.

The aluminum craftsmanship on the base plate is very dubious. Its double-curved transitions from the bottom and onto the side plates are very uneven, and many post-processing scrapes from file tools are plainly visible. Some of its edges appear to have been left untouched, which leaves behind several rather odd-looking edges. This might be an issue for detail-fixated gamers, since the entire upper edge of the aluminum base plate is exposed. These blemishes clearly do not help in the aesthetics department.

With a braided sock on, the Level 10 M cable is rather conventional. It is just as stiff as those featured on other high-end gaming mice, which is a shame.

The DPI indicator is hidden underneath your right finger while gaming, but it is quite easy to see while adjusting the DPI through the rearward four-way button.

This is the first time I have seen ventilation holes on a gaming mouse, but they work alright on the Level 10 M.


Driver-wise, Tt eSPORTS delivers what you would expect to come with a high-end gaming mouse. The aesthetics are questionable, and navigation inside the driver suite is a bit messy, but it is quite easy to figure where you need to be once you get used to the layout. You get a wealth of different sensor-related settings from DPI to lift-off-distance (LOD). Beware of setting the LOD too low: it might cause the sensor to skip. Doing so seems to make the Level 10 M behave differently than other mice with the same sensor. It is much more sensitive to LOD setting changes on our test mats.
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