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Packaging and Accessories

The MEKA PRO packaging adopts a black and red color scheme that goes with the company logo and is filled to the brim with illustrations and printed features on the front; the switch type, macro recording, and lighting effects are mentioned. This continues on the back and sides to where it seems evident Tt eSPORTS is trying their best to get brick-and-mortar shoppers to take a look at the box and know everything about the keyboard inside, which is not a bad ploy. There are two seals over two double flaps on the side to keep the contents inside in place.

Open the box and you see the keyboard in a soft foam wrap, under which are the first set of accessories in a plastic pouch. It contains a multi-language user manual that is available online here as well as a warranty guide that is applicable to the region you purchased the keyboard from. The second set of accessories is found in a small cardboard box that is in turn hidden in the compartment above the keyboard, where the keyboard's cable has been routed to as well.

This box contains the replacement keycaps and keycap puller. My sample actually came with two plastic ring-style keycap pullers, although retail samples should only be coming with one. I would have preferred a wire-style puller instead to lower the risk of scratching a keycap's sides, but any keycap puller is better than none. Tt eSPORTS includes nine replacement keycaps here - W/A/S/D, Up/Left/Down/Right and Esc - which are a matte red in color on the visible side and a light rubber finish as opposed to the hard plastic. These have a base ABS plastic composition with the legends laser etched in place, and all allow light to pass through as seen above. The replacement keycaps' walls are average in thickness at 0.98 mm.
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