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Tt eSPORTS Meka Mechanical Keyboard Review

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The Tt eSPORTS Meka keyboard ships in a neat little box. Inside you find the keyboard and some documentation. The keyboard is clearly intended for USB use, unlike some of the recent mechanical keyboard designs. This does however limit the anti-ghosting to cover just a 6 key rollover.

This keyboard is apparently also the first keyboard in the world to have "50 Millinon [sic] Keystrokes" whatever that is.

Closer Examination

Even though Tt eSPORTS have focused on producing a compact keyboard they still find space for the num-pad. The num-pad is nice to have but not a need to have. In order to retain the num-pad on such a compact design Tt eSPORTS had to push the arrow keys into the main typing area of the keyboard, forcing them to reposition a multitude of keys. Since the key layout is radically different from a normal keyboard it will take some time for your fingers to learn the new layout. There is one huge mistake on the keyboard and that is the omission of a Windows-key. Considering the major benefits of having such a button on Windows 7, just makes it silly to produce a keyboard without one now. The clever adaptation like we saw on the Zowie Celeritas is the right way to go for any serious gaming keyboard design.

As far as cramming a lot of keys into one location goes, the Tt eSPORTS is fairly successful. One major issue is however the change of layout near the arrow-keys. The home, end, page up and down buttons are not reachable without having to move your hands away from the arrows. And to make matters even worse the only navigation function keys available are located on the num-pad which means that you have to disable "Numlock" before you can use these functions. One of the minor changes is the repositioning and smaller sized backspace and underscore buttons.

The goal of any compact keyboard design must be to retain as much functionality of a normal sized keyboard on a smaller space. The Tt eSPORTS Meka keyboard fails in many areas and only retains limited amount of the original functionality of a full sized keyboard.

The back plate of the Meka is very simple. There are eight rubber stands and two elevation adjusters. All of the rubber feet grip extremely well and are sufficiently attached in order to take some abuse.

The angle adjusters on the back are well made.

From the side you can see the curvature of the keyspace. On the edges of the keyboard Tt eSPORTS have placed a red piece of plastic. This "line" slides back and forth about 1 mm when pushed and feels like it could break off very easily. That they even include a set of non essential trimmings on what is supposed to be a hardcore gaming keyboard is a tad odd, much like some of the layout decisions.

The Tt eSPORTS keyboard packs two conveniently placed USB ports.

Both plug and cable seem well made on the Meka.
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