TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200 6

TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200

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Test System

  • AMD Athlon-FX53 (max: 2.9 GHz)
  • MSI K8N Neo2 (Bios 1.5b1 - max HTT: 345 MHz) (nForce 3 Ultra, DualChannel)
  • X800 XT PE
  • Antec 550 W PSU


After some testing we could reach 202 MHz @ 2-3-3-X-1T and 227 Mhz @ 2.5-3-3-X-1T, completely stable. So the memory is able to reach the advertised DDR450 speeds, but not much more. Increasing voltage from 2.6 V up to 3.6 V did not yield any higher overclock. Reducing the timings to 3-4-4-X-2T did not help either.


The first thing we noticed was that the memory has absolutely no problems running at a command rate of 1T. Value memory often can't run at 1T and requires a command rate reduction to 2T, resulting in a loss of about ~200-300 MB/s.
Now the benchmarks:

SiSoft Sandra 2005 Memory Bandwith

RAM TimingsInt (MB/s) Float (MB/s)
200MHz at 2.5-3-3-7-160295986
200MHz at 2-3-3-7-1T60466000
202MHz at 2-3-3-7-1T60946047
227MHz at 2.5-3-3-7-1T68276775

Everest Memory Latency

RAM Timingsns
200MHz at 2.5-3-3-7-155.3
200MHz at 2-3-3-7-1T53.7
202MHz at 2-3-3-7-1T53.2
227MHz at 2.5-3-3-7-1T48.9

202MHz @2-3-3-7-1T

227MHz @2.5-3-3-7-1T (click the image for big version)
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