Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi Teleport Kit Review 4

Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi Teleport Kit Review

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Packaging and Accessories

First impressions are often long-lasting, and AmpliFi has gotten it right with the packaging that provides a premium unboxing experience. A thick cardboard cover has the company and product name along with a color-printed illustration of the unit in action. There are salient specs and marketing features on the sides and back, with certification stickers galore accompanied by information about the mobile app that is best used to install and monitor the devices. The inner box is made out of cardboard just as thick, and all this will help protect the contents inside against any shipping and handling issues.

This box has the Ubiquiti Labs logo in a glossy print on front, and a magnetic clasp keeps it closed. Opening it reveals two sides that separate away to reveal the contents which are presented akin to a gift box, and the monochrome color scheme going on here is pleasing, at least to me. Taking a look from left to right, we see an accessory box, the AmpliFi Teleport and the AmpliFi HD mesh router, all in shaped-to-fit compartments for a snug fit. Underneath the accessory box lies the power adapter in its own little compartment.

The accessory box has the Ubiquiti Labs logo as well, just in case you forget who made this, as well as a seal on a side. Cutting that open, we see a quick start guide and a product brochure for the AmpliFi brand, along with two white Ethernet cables to match the white router and Teleport units. The quick start guide is very handy, and I strongly recommend going through it if you have not set up a router before. It is all the more handy when you have to set up and use the Teleport unit as well, so keep it close the first time at the very minimum.

The power adapter, also in white, has a smooth rubber finish throughout, and this unit, for the US market, has the 2-prong US power plug at the end to plug in to the wall. It can accept 100-240 VAC (thus making it compatible with international power plug adapters), 50-60 Hz, and up to 0.5 A to output 5V/3A or 9V/1.7A DC power via the male USB Type-C connector on the other end. In a pinch, it can charge your other USB Type-C products as well, which is always appreciated.
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