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Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Earphones Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 earphones are available online at Ultimate Ears for $169 .
  • Excellent Price / performance ratio
  • Easy to insert
  • Tip selection
  • Build quality
  • Handles microphonic noise very well
  • Attractive design
  • Comfort
  • Good bundle
  • Excellent sound stage
  • Bass performance good for the price
  • At $169 they are not exactly cheap
  • Cable is not replaceable
Ultimate Ears have struck gold with this new design and I am sure that they will get many praises for moving away from the old more rectangular design. Sound wise these earphones do an excellent job compared to the cost of them. The official price is $169, but you can find them for quite a bit less by shopping online. At $169 they can definitely hold their own compared to its similarly priced competitors.What blew me away with the Super.fi 5 was the fact that they have a really nice and big sound stage it just lifts the experience so much compared to other in-ears that lack it. Of course it is still not as expansive as that of the LiveWires T1 custom in-ears, but those are in a completely different league both price and performance wise.
The Super.fi 5's strong suit is the mids no doubt about. They faithfully reproduce the mids with really good definition. The presentation is lukewarm and slightly forward, which makes this earphone good with lots of different types of music.
The only downside to the new design is the fact that you cannot swap cables. It is actually both a pro and a con because the cable featured on the Super.fi 5 feels better and is better fastened to the ear pieces and dampens vibrations more than the old style Ultimate Ears cable.
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