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Ultron Speecision Mouse Pad Review

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A Closer Look

The mouse pad is of traditional size, which means it is smaller than the Sharkoon mouse pad we reviewed here. This may be of no concern to some gamers, but it is definitely too small if you use a low sensitivity setting on your mouse.

The top corner displays the Ultron logo embedded into the mouse pad on both sides. As you can see, the entire pad is made of aluminum and there are rubber stand-offs at each corner. These pads may interfere with your movement of the mouse when gaming.

The main feature of this pad are the two sides. One is meant for precision movements, which benefits real time strategy games. The other side is meant for first person shooters with a surface that allows for more speed. The name Speecision is a combination of Speed and Precision.

The precision side actually has a rough surface, which means that the mouse will not slide as far and more force is needed to move it around. The rough surface creates more friction to achieve slower, more accurate movements of the mouse.

The speed side is much smoother, while still having a noticeable texture. The fine surface does not create nearly as much friction, making the mouse move farther with less force used.
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