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Upek Eikon & Eikon To Go Fingerprint Readers Review

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I would like to thank Upek for providing the review sample.

The Upek brand may not be well known to the consumer. Nonetheless, many of you have most likely used their products without noticing it. Before I continue, here is a quote from the Upek website:
UPEK has been pioneering biometric fingerprint technology since 1996 and shipping product in volume since 1999. UPEK is headquartered near Berkeley, California with offices in Prague, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.
So the company has been around for quite some time. And if you look at their fingerprint readers, you may notice, that the scanner looks very similar to those found in some IBM/Lenovo notebooks. Upek is the company behind these units and their functionality.

To cater to those users, who want to buy such a solid unit for their own computer or notebook, Upek offers the Eikon and Eikon To Go retail units. We will be taking a look at both of them in this review and will cover Windows and OS X functionality.


  • Windows Logon
  • Password Bank
  • RSA SecurID Support
  • Workstation Lock/Unlock
  • File/Folder Encryption
  • Tutorial and Video Instructions
  • Fast User Switching
  • Application Launcher
  • Unlock Keychain
  • Login Security
  • Fast User Switching
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